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Zambia E-Voucher Scale Up

Project Ref Number: 6924- A005

Active period and status:
The project was approved 10th June 2016 and completed.

The objective of this project was to improve farmers’ resilience to climate change through behaviour change and through improved availability of CSA inputs, practices and technologies, resulting from a broad integration of CSA principles into the e-voucher programme. The current phase of the project is focused on the implementation and scale-up of an eVoucher scheme for the Zambia input subsidy programme, which includes integrating a pilot weather index insurance product to increase smallholder farmers’ resilience to climatic variations (eVoucher weather index insurance).

Summary Approach:
The project provided smallholder farmers with access to CSA knowledge, practices and inputs by leveraging the FISP e-voucher initiative, with a geographical focus on areas most prone to climate change impacts, such as Southern, Eastern, Central and Lusaka Provinces. The intervention is a combination of technical assistance and grants to design CSA training for agro-dealers and government staff as well design appropriate weather index insurance products. It provides grants to two implementing partners to manage the scale up of the eVoucher programme as well to conduct a detailed impact evaluation of the project.

Implementing Partners:
Musika Development Initiatives Ltd, a Zambian non-governmental organisation, is the primary implementer of the project. Its responsibilities include coordinating the development of and marketing of the insurance product, training participant agro-dealers on CSA practices/technologies and value-added services such as information and weather insurance, and general CSA capacity building and awareness raising activities.
The monitoring and impact evaluation component of the project will be undertaken by the Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute, IAPRI. IAPRI, a Zambian registered non-profit organisation, was involved in the e-voucher pilot in 2015/16 and has the mandate and capacity to undertake policy-relevant agricultural research in Zambia.

Results / findings to date:
Musika has over the reporting period focused on activities aimed at rolling out CSA activities that complement the input subsidy scheme. Activities in this phase have included the training of agro-dealers and farmers in CSA practices, insurance product awareness and uptake by smallholder farmers. IAPRI will at the start of Q3 embark on activities relating to impact assessment following which final reporting activities will be undertake ahead of project completion scheduled for end-September 2017.