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Zambia: CFU Results Management System Development Support

Project Ref Number: 6924-A002

Active period and status:
Approved 17th May 2016 – completed

To design, establish and field test a Results Management (RM) system appropriate for the Conservation Farming Unit (CFU’s) implementation of a proposed agreement with DFID Zambia.

Summary Approach:
This project provided technical assistance to carry out a situation analysis regarding the state of CFU’s results management system and to develop a customised RM system for CFU. It further supported the CFU to design and roll out an overall CFU monitoring and impact assessment tools.

Implementing partners: Conservation Farming Unit (CFU)

Results / findings to date:
CFU Management was assisted to establish a good understanding of why they need an improved results management system. They also understood the interaction between the DFID Impact Evaluation team and CFU’s monitoring role on the project. CFU now has new monitoring tools that enable it to (a) register all farmers it trains, (b) conduct pre-and post-training knowledge assessment, and (c) check the trained farmers CA adoption patterns in a scientific manner. A baseline and impact evaluation methodology was designed and costed for CFU’s consideration. The CFU has since applied the new system to great effect.

Issues/Risks/matters arising:
The new MRM system is in operation. The CFU is now requesting Vuna to support them to develop a private sector engagement approach for the CSA work.