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Strategies for Assessing Scale Up

Project Ref Number: 6924-EL07

Active period and status:
Project implementation completed- July 2016 to December 2016

The main objective of this project was to prepare an Evidence and Learning Report summarising what is known about the determinants of the scalability of agricultural projects, methods for assessing scalability in project design and evaluation, and identifying major information gaps necessitating further research. The research aimed to identify a model for assessing the prospects for successful scale up both at the point of project design and during the course of evaluation of pilot projects. The model is expected to clarify determinants of scalability that should be taken account of in project design and evaluation.

Target Problem:
Many agricultural development projects that appear highly successful on a small, pilot scale proves impossible to replicate on a much larger or broader scale. Good examples of the successful scale up of agricultural projects are difficult to find. This project assessed whether a stricter consideration of the determinants of scalability in project planning and evaluation can improve the chances of successful scale up.

Summary approach:
This project supported the preparation of an Evidence and Learning Report based on the results of a review of literature on the scale up of agricultural development projects, the proposal of two models for considering scale up potential in project design and evaluation, and field interviews organized to test the practicality of applying these models in assessing CSA-related projects.

Results / findings to date:
An Evidence and Learning Report proposing models for ex ante and ex post assessment of scale up was developed and completed internally in December 2016. A 2-page information brief was also developed and completed internally in February 2017. This information brief is for a technical audience and is a very short quick read version of the full report. Vuna anticipates the findings will be broadly distributed and findings will be discussed in national and regional fora.