Promoting Enabling Environments

We’re assessing and aim to improve enabling environments for CSA.

Regional Catalytic Facility (RCF)

Active period and status: Approved July 2017- In Implementation

This project will:

  • provide holistic insights into the range of policies and programmes that can promote CSA objectives and impacts through market smart approaches; and
  • assess the expected viability of specific market smart interventions in light of macro-level changes taking place in the region.

This will provide policy maker and development organisations with the means to develop market smart interventions that better anticipate and respond to important macro-level changes in the region and to develop more effective approaches to meeting CSA objectives.

Summary approach:
The proposed approach is to contract technical expertise to conduct a review of current market smart approaches to promoting CSA objectives in SSA and to assess these in the context of changing economic and demographic conditions in SSA. The report generated will serve to guide Vuna’s future programme and policy activities in this area.