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Mozambique: Smallholder Seed Growers Capacity Development

Project Ref Number: 6924-A014

Active period and status: Project in implementation – January 2017 to December 2017.

Smallholder farmers in Northern Mozambique are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change – particularly variability in rainfall leading to increased incidence of droughts and flooding. This is likely to have impacts on productivity and yields in the region. Production of appropriate legumes using CSA practices offers scope for smallholder farmers to cope better under climate variability conditions. The objective of this project is to establish and operate a pilot project which strengthens the climate resilience of SHF and SCFs in Northern Mozambique. The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Build the capacity of SCF and SHF farmers CSA practices
  • Promote the availability and adoption of certified seeds that promote climate resilience (e.g. drought resistant

Target Problem:
The agricultural sector employs over 80% of the rural population, with small and medium farms accounting for approximately 95% of total agricultural production. However, productivity in the sector is generally low, especially amongst smallholder farmers growing legumes, as a result of a number of factors including inappropriate technologies and poor market conditions. This has led to food insecurity and high levels of poverty in certain regions
Summary Approach: This project provides TA and grants support for the design, implementation and field testing of an expanded smallholder managed soya bean seed production model in Mozambique to support smallholder farmers’ adoption of CSA practices.

Implementing partners: Technoserve Mozambique

Results / findings to date:
The project has registered 32 pre-basic seed growers of which 53% of these are female farmers. A total of 20 irrigation kits have been procured and irrigation sites assessed for installation. Technoserve has also procured three local weather stations that will be integrated into the early warning systems of smallholder farmers in the seed systems production business. Seed production is underway and will continue in the next cycle where farmers will produce certified seed.