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Mozambique: Development of CSA Capacity in Pigeon Pea Value Chain

Project Ref Number: 6924-A013

Active period and status:
Project in implementation- January 2017 to December 2017.

Production of the drought tolerant crop, pigeon pea, is rapidly growing in Mozambique, stimulated by traders and export companies. Productivity remains low but CSA and Good Agricultural Practice incorporated in a holistic approach to value chain development hold the potential to increase productivity and incomes whilst enabling farmers to adapt to changing climatic conditions. The objective of this project is to strengthen SHFs’ resilience to climate change, increase their productivity and income through exploiting export markets for pigeon pea and sesame in Northern Mozambique.

Gender Transformation:
This project is focusses on increasing the uptake of CSA practices while particularly targeted women’s economic empowerment through the targeting of a ‘womens’ value chain.
Summary Approach: This project provides TA and grants support for the design, implementation and field testing of smallholder drought tolerant crops contract farming for holistic CSA delivery mechanisms within commercial smallholder outgrower models to improve uptake of climate appropriate agricultural practices and climate proof the value chains. This project will select the organisation within the value chain best able to, supported by CSA TA, improve farmer productivity of pigeon pea and sesame in an equitable and sustainable manner. The project will also work to bring about the certification and official release of appropriate drought and flood tolerant varieties and to get them marketed to SHF by seed companies. The project will target working with 10,000 farmers, currently producing for export. It will actively work to support women farmers and identify how more women farmers can benefit from pigeon pea and sesame production.

Implementing partners: Export Trading Group (ETG)

Results / findings to date:
Project launched and grantee orientation conducted. Grantee has recruited 4261 smallholder farmers (29% females) and 60 lead farmers. A total of 60 demonstration plots have been established with drought tolerant seed varieties demonstrated. As part of developing its farmer profiling ETG developed an innovative ICT platform on which all farmers’ details are registered including biometrics and GPS coordinates useful for monitoring farmers’ performance. The ICT system will also be used to monitor credit applications and crop performance via satellite imagery.