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Malawi Climate Smart Dairy Value Chain Project

Project Ref Number: 6924-A018

Active period and status: This project was approved 10th June 2016 and has been designed into two phases including Phase 1: Grant Application to select a small number of processors to participate in development of the dairy value chain as well as Phase 2: Implementation which is currently underway.

Objectives: The overarching objective of this project is to improve livelihoods, food and nutrition through the adoption of CSA practices, whilst reducing GHG emissions in Central and Southern Regions of Malawi. Specific objectives of the project include:

  • The reduction of GHG emissions from dairy animals through better quality feed and improved management of dairy excretes (dung and urine);
  • Increased farmer adoption of CSA cultivation practices for forage and fodder, e.g. cultivation of drought tolerant fodder and forage seed;
  • Increased dairy productivity;
  • Improving the development of dairy market chains in Malawi.

Summary Approach: The project has been designed into two phases:

Phase 1: In which VUNA supported MMPA during a grant application process toward selecting a small number of processors to participate in development of the dairy value chain with CSA practices. Subsequent to this, VUNA worked with the selected processors and MMPA to co-develop the tasks and deliverables for the Implementation phase.

Phase 2: Project implementation is being delivered through a combination of grants and technical assistance. Part of the grant allocation is being utilised through Malawi Milk Producers Association (MMPA) to develop the capacity of MBGs together with empowerment of farmers whilst the remainder of the grant has been contracted through Lilongwe Dairy for service delivery and capacity building of MBGs on market development basis.

MMPA and Lilongwe Dairy are required to conduct regular project results management activities of the baseline survey with support from Vuna MMR Expert. Over and above this results management work, this project has been identified as having gender transformation benefits which means that the level of impact measurement investigations and detail is substantial. Taking account of these needs, Vuna will commission a separate impact evaluation project to deploy TA needed to undertake specialised results management. Some of the activities to be covered under that work will include; household baseline survey in project districts and control districts, for later evaluation exercises and for fine- tuning of the implementation phase. This aspect of work has already been procured under Action Research and Impact Evaluation of CSA Delivery Mechanisms Work Stream Phase 1.

Implementing partners: The key implementing partners are the Malawi Milk Producers Association (MMPA) and Lilongwe Dairy Limited.

Results / findings to date: Phase 1 of the activity was successfully completed with the placement of Lilongwe Dairy to support the implementation phase. With the implementation phase, ongoing, to date the following activities have been effected:

  • Trained farmers in hydroponic fodder planting
  • Installed hydroponic system unit
  • Installed biogas digester units at the MBGs
  • Conducted feed and preservation campaign