Increasing CSA evidence.

We’re working to increase the availability and use of CSA evidence. Vuna have commissioned and are publishing research on key topics that impact on climate change, the agriculture sector and the East and Southern African region.

Evidence, Learning and Influencing Grants

Project Ref Number: 6924-EL11

Active period and status:
Project implementation ongoing – October 2016 to March 2018

There is a wide range of research on climate smart agriculture in East and Southern Africa. There is also a broad range of experimentation with the promotion of climate smart agriculture techniques and approaches. However, much of this work is either not written up, or only found in project reports that are difficult to obtain. The objective of this project is to support the write up and discussion of key climate smart agriculture results – initially in five major topic areas important to the Vuna project. These are; defining climate smart agriculture priorities, speeding the availability and adoption of climate smart varieties, improving climate resilience through conservation agriculture and related crop management practices, improving the climate resilience of value chains, and improving the scale up of climate smart successes. The project aims to get results more quickly into the hands of governments and strengthen networks of researchers and practitioners working to resolve similar problems.

Target Problem:
It appears that a large amount of recent research and implementation lessons relating to climate smart agriculture in East and Southern Africa remains unwritten or only informally summarized in project reports. This information needs to be more formally presented, and discussed with an emphasis on drawing lessons for future investment.

Summary approach:
Vuna, working in collaboration with a major regional partner, will support the preparation and presentation of at least 25 papers summarizing current research and implementation results, and lessons drawn for future investment, in five major topic areas where Vuna have initiated early background assessments. In the process, Vuna aims to strengthen its links with a broad range of research and climate smart development practitioners in East and Southern Africa, and strengthen ties between scientists and practioners working to resolve common problems.

Implementing partners: CCAFS (contracted via ICRAF)

Results / findings to date:
This project was initiated in by mid-April 2017. This project is expected to contribute to regional communities of practice relating to the themes targeted in this project.