Promoting Enabling Environments

We’re assessing and aim to improve enabling environments for CSA.

CSA Manuals

Active period and status: Approved January 2016 – ongoing

The objective of this area of work is to develop practical and useful CSA manuals for agriculture colleges and agriculture extension professionals (both public and private) and to provide training on the use of the manual to key extension staff. The manuals aim to clarify some key concepts, develop messaging for extension services, and strengthen partnerships between key CSA institutions in the region.

Summary approach:
Projects in this area of work will comprise two distinct components: developing a CSA toolkit (or manual); and strengthening CSA extension and curriculum development for agricultural education. The approach will be to support government led efforts to develop and disseminate a country wide CSA manual, with the intent that it will help to coordinate and harmonise CSA efforts in the country and across the region.

Work will also involve the development of national CSA guidelines (in some countries), unpacking existing guidelines and developing training materials targeted to different relevant audiences.

Implementing partners:
Vuna works with governments, regional organisations and non-governmental actors already operating in Vuna’s target countries in terms of CSA manuals development, national CSA guidelines and training materials.