Promoting Enabling Environments

We’re assessing and aim to improve enabling environments for CSA.

CSA Frameworks

Active period and status: Approved April 2016 – ongoing.

This area of work commenced with conducting a situational analysis of the extent to which climate smart agriculture (CSA) approaches are or are not being taught in agriculture education and training in Vuna’s 5 focus countries.

It also considered in-depth investigations of the current impacts of policy directly on markets, on farmers and on their incentives, primarily by desk research. It identified the specific policy obstacles to adoption of CSA and areas in which policy support could be much stronger.

Thirdly, it conducted a situational analysis on the different types of CSA information available to CSA actors in the Vuna target countries with the aim of identifying on-going CSA activities and mapping out how emerging CSA experiences and evidence are captured, disseminated and utilised. In addition, it will identify the gaps in CSA information availability and accessibility in order to recommend how Vuna can assist in supporting an improved enabling environment for CSA information collection and sharing.

This area of work further aims to, in some of Vuna’s target countries, to review and update the Conservation Agriculture up-scaling framework with the aim of improving and fully incorporating in CSA aspects. This will improve the enabling environment for CSA adoption by smallholder farmers.

Vuna provides technical assistance to governments to strengthen frameworks in-country to promote enabling environments for CSA uptake.

Implementing partners:
Vuna works with the relevant ministries in all of its five target countries, that are responsible for Climate Change, Agriculture, or Environmental Affairs.