Promoting Enabling Environments

We’re assessing and aim to improve enabling environments for CSA.

Climate Finance

Active period and status: Approved April 2016 – ongoing

This area of work aimed to understand the current constraints to greater flows of climate finance towards CSA in Vuna priority countries and to identify how and where best CSA can strengthen the capacity in its target countries to attract and use well climate finance, taking into account these constraints and the work of other development partners; and to subsequently scope out the processes and activities required to mobilise finance.

Secondly, Vuna’s Climate Finance work assesses the role and the likely impact that financial services can play in catalysing adoption of CSA by small-scale farmers and provide recommendations as to achieving the potential of CSA – financial services linkages.

Vuna support includes capacity building in four of the Vuna priority countries to provide information on climate finance opportunities to CSA stakeholders, share the results from the CSA Climate Finance Diagnostic with key stakeholders and verify that identified priorities for action align with national priorities, develop with core national government stakeholders the recommended actions and outline a plan to apply for climate finance and to identify the further requirements for implementation of that plan.

Secondly, Vuna provides targeted TA support to a specific project proposal. In collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Vuna will carry out an Agriculture Value Chain Assessment as part of a Feasibility Study in Zimbabwe, which will support a larger UNDP proposal to the Green Climate Fund covering irrigation infrastructure and CSA.

Vuna’s Climate Finance workshops also provided a unique opportunity for GCF accredited entities to come together and present their concepts and proposals to all stakeholders, enabling them to receive constructive feedback, ensure alignment with government priorities, and avoid duplication, thus increasing the likelihood of developing successful proposals.