Promoting Enabling Environments

We’re assessing and aim to improve enabling environments for CSA.
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In our 5 target countries in East and Southern Africa, we’re working with national governments and regional organisations to understand the policies and frameworks that enable climate smart agriculture. We believe that improved knowledge, a more enabling environment, and longer-term incentives can drive the uptake of CSA practices.
From our scoping and design phase research, we identified Government Policy (and the way it is implemented), Education, Information and Climate Finance, as key issues within the enabling environment for CSA.

After updating our situation analyses on these, we are now:
• Supporting the development of a CSA scale up strategy for each country
• Providing specialist technical assistance to review, prepare and finalise CSA manuals
• Researching the potential to make Farm Input Subsidy Programmes more supportive of CSA and less focused on mono-cropping of commodity crops.
• Assisting our partner governments to assess their requirements for Monitoring, Results and Verification (MRV) systems, including to address their need to report to the UNFCC
• Assessing changes needed for CA / CSA initiatives to align them with the requirements of agricultural markets
• Identifying requirements for updating agricultural education curricula, to include CSA
• Assessing the full range of information needs
• Building national capacity in attracting climate finance by providing training and up to date information.
• Supporting the preparation of specific projects which are being prepared for submission to global climate finance institutions
• Supporting the work of national CA and CSA Taskforces on these topics