Promoting Enabling Environments

In our 5 target countries in East and Southern Africa, we’re working with national governments and regional organisations to understand the policies and frameworks that enable climate smart agriculture. We believe that improved knowledge, a more enabling environment, and longer-term incentives can drive the uptake of CSA practices.

Increasing Availability and Use of CSA Evidence

Our Evidence, Learning and Influencing activity aims to strengthen the base of CSA evidence and its application. We believe that by improving stakeholders’ access to relevant research and evidence, we can facilitate evidenced-based programming that better supports the uptake of CSA by smallholder farmers.

Innovating Agriculture Business Models

We understand that the private sector makes up close to 95% of agriculture in the region. For sustainable and longer-term change, we need to impact agriculture value chains. We focus on building private sector involvement in CSA, by piloting innovative approaches to enabling the use of holistic CSA by smallholder farmers.