ICCO Partner-Up

ICCO Partner-Up

Aug 30, 2017

By:Christopher Muller
Communications Manager, Vuna Africa
Event Date: Aug 30, 2017
Event Location: Pretoria, South Africa

ICCO Cooperation is an international organisation that works towards a world in which people can live in dignity and well-being, a world without poverty and injustice. With a track record of more than 50 years working in development, ICCO partners with enterprising people and organisations across the world to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice.

ICCO Cooperation in South Africa works with innovative and entrepreneurial partnerships,local initiatives and programmes. Using a multi-stakeholder approach, ICCO works towards transforming rural agriculture for the benefit of smallholder farmers and farm workers.”

ICCO Cooperation believes that partnerships between public and private entities are an important condition to achieve enduring social and economic impact. Individual actions alone cannot solve world issues such as poverty, climate change, sustainable development, and others.

The Partner-Up event is about the power of collaboration in promoting inclusive economic development and contributing to Sustainable Development Goals.

Vuna is joining ICCO’s Partner-Up along with organizations, businesses, governments-national and local; foundations, NGOs and knowledge institutions to share knowledge, learn and build new partnerships.