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Accessing Climate Finance: navigating global climate funds

Oct 3, 2017

By:Christopher Muller
Communications Manager, Vuna Africa

With discussions in the international climate space increasingly centring on “climate finance”, triggered largely by the recent establishment of global entities such as the Green Climate Fund (GCF), Vuna has developed projects which aim to increase the understanding and knowledge of the climate finance opportunities available to stakeholders across the region.

Vuna has catalysed the delivery of climate finance workshops in four of its target countries and following their success, has plans to deliver further workshops across the region in the coming months.

As a donor-funded programme, rather than an established organisation or indeed an accredited entity to a climate fund such as the GCF, Vuna is able to provide stakeholders with objective information, enabling the national government to make informed decisions around climate finance opportunities and investments.

The climate finance workshops increase coordination by enabling different government ministries and departments to collaborate not only amongst themselves, but with NGOs and CSOs who are active in the promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) in their country.

Such a convening also enables the stakeholders to identify and agree upon their national priorities for CSA, ensuring that these are at the fore of any climate finance proposals being developed.

During the workshops, Vuna has provided an insightful overview of climate finance opportunities available in each country, from bilateral donors, to large entities such as the GCF. Vuna has shared statistics of the sources and distribution of global climate finance, highlighted the differences in allocations to mitigation vs. adaptation activities, provided advice on the key ingredients for successful proposals and been able to answer a myriad of questions from the different stakeholders.

Vuna has facilitated climate finance workshops in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia.

Pictured are stakeholders engaging on the practicalities, access routes and options for accreditation partners to receive GCF (Global Climate Fund) financing. The workshops yield important collaboration opportunities for stakeholders involved.

Vuna’s Climate Finance workshops also provided a unique opportunity for GCF accredited

entities to come together and present their concepts and proposals to all stakeholders, enabling them to receive constructive feedback, ensure alignment with government priorities, and avoid duplication, thus increasing the likelihood of developing successful proposals.