Where we Work.

Vuna works in five countries in East and Southern Africa
with new and existing CSA activities.


In Mozambique, Vuna works with government, private sector companies and regional organisations to deliver projects with the following focus:

Increasing the availability and use of CSA evidence. Our research papers focus on:

  1. Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change
  2. Comparative Assessment of Seed Delivery Systems for Drought Tolerant Crops
  3. Improving Climate Resilience of Value Chains
  4. Assessing the contributions of Conservation Agriculture to building resilience to drought
  5. Strategies for Assessing Scale-Up
  6. Comparative Assessment of Weather Insurance Strategies
  7. Mapping Climate, Climate Change and Agriculture
  8. Evidence, Learning and Influencing Small Grants
  9. Agricultural Drought and Climate Smart Agriculture

Read the research reports of our Evidence work.

Promoting Enabling Environments. Our policy and framework activities focus on:

  1. CSA Strategy and Coordination in Mozambique
  2. Improved CSA Training of farmers and outgrowers
  3. Helping governments navigate the processes, systems and requirements of accessing global Climate Finance for CSA
  4. Improving and promoting the Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of CSA activities in the country.

Read more about our work with governments and policy makers.

Innovating Agricultural Business Models. Our innovation models in Mozambique focus on:

  1. Development of CSA capacity in Legume Outgrower Schemes.
  2. Seed systems for CSA.

Read more about our innovation models.

Find out more:
No physical address, contactable by email: mozambique@vuna-africa.com