How we Work.

Vuna’s vision is to contribute to transformative change in the agriculture sector and region, such that a majority of smallholder farmers in the region are climate resilient.

Vuna’s vision

At Vuna, we start by asking “what do smallholder farmers need to be climate resilient?” and “how do systems need to change to provide to their needs”. Farmers function within various systems, including social, political, market, financial and natural environment systems. We target improvements in the climate resilience of farming systems and promote the adoption of technologies and institutional arrangements which reduce farming risk, such as

  • Providing access to drought resistant crop and livestock varieties
  • Strengthening markets to allow access to agro-inputs
  • Increasing the use of practices which conserve soil moisture
  • Encouraging crop rotation and diversification
  • Improving farm water management practices
  • Ensuring links to markets for a wider range of crops
  • Improving availability of market information.

Vuna’s vision is to help transform the agriculture sector by enabling smallholder farmers to improve their livelihoods in the face of climate change.