How we Work.

Vuna’s vision is to contribute to transformative change in the agriculture sector and region, such that a majority of smallholder farmers in the region are climate resilient.

Theory of Change

The realistic time scale for achievement of this long-term vision is recognised as being 15 to 20 years. The aim (and assumption) is that use of a more holistic approach to CSA can lead to “climate resilience”.

Vuna is contributing to, and laying the foundations for, achievement of this goal, by:

  • Improving the evidence – and use of evidence – “for” CSA;
  • Improving selected parts of the enabling environment for CSA; and
  • Harnessing the commercial incentives of companies and smallholder farmers to innovate more sustainable ways of enabling smallholder farmers to use CSA, and improvements to the systems within which companies and smallholder farmers operate.

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