How we Work.

Vuna’s vision is to contribute to transformative change in the agriculture sector and region, such that a majority of smallholder farmers in the region are climate resilient.

Implementing our Theory of Change

Identification, scoping and selection
Vuna’s projects were selected using mainly the results of extensive consultation during the scoping and design phases. Since the value chains, points-of-entry and agro-ecological zones of most importance were selected, Vuna has combined

targeted calls for concepts and direct agreements to select its projects and project partners. Projects are approved by a mix of Technical Leads, programme management staff and DFID advisors, according to size, complexity and risk.

Project Implementation
Projects are implemented using a combination of technical assistance and grants. A formal contractual agreement is required between project partners and Adam Smith International Ltd., the company leading the programme implementation consortium. Wherever practical, a results-based funding model for the projects are applied.

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Project Monitoring
Vuna has “Country Representatives” in each country of operation. Our Country Representatives work with Technical Leads on each of the three main areas of activity (Evidence, Enabling Environments, Agricultural Development), to implement projects and to closely monitor progress using a robust DCED-oriented results  management system.

Once in implementation, Vuna’s operational backstopping office (in South Africa) works closely with country representatives, technical experts in-country and its various stakeholders across the region to monitor project progress and communicate results.