How we Work.

Vuna’s vision is to contribute to transformative change in the agriculture sector and region, such that a majority of smallholder farmers in the region are climate resilient.

Governance of the Programme

These structures enable the successful implementation of Vuna’s work in its target countries:

Vuna Advisory Board
The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide strategic and political guidance to DFID and to Adam Smith International. In particular, the Advisory Board is intended to advise on the overall strategy of Vuna, provide information and guidance regarding key strategic and political developments which may affect the programme and assist with coordination of activities and facilitating collaboration amongst the organisations involved in agriculture development across the region.

Project Management Unit
Vuna’s operational backstopping is in South Africa, at the Southern African office of Adam Smith International. These services are provided:

  • Vuna team leadership and strategic direction of the programme;
  • Project management and technical assistance support;
  • Grant management;
  • Administrative and logistics management;
  • Financial Management;
  • Project Results Management;
  • Communications, Influencing and Advocacy.

Country Representatives
Vuna’s Country Representatives are the key enablers between its operational backstopping office in South Africa, and the project implementers and in-country experts on the ground. Country Representatives provide a link between various sectors (government, agri-business and researchers) and Vuna, and are also responsible for local support to in-country experts.

In-country experts
Vuna’s projects in its five countries are implemented through agricultural, policy and business experts in its countries. In-country experts bring contextually relevant knowledge and understand local processes and systems; they also help to embed change in systems to ensure long-term transformative change.