How we Work.

Vuna’s vision is to contribute to transformative change in the agriculture sector and region, such that a majority of smallholder farmers in the region are climate resilient.

Cross-cutting themes

In all of its projects, Vuna works on cross-cutting issues that impact on the sector and region’s development:

Improving opportunities for women and girls across all of the programme, and supporting transformative outcomes for women and girls such as targeting female-specific value chains wherever practical.

Regional focus
Improving the analysis and synergies available across the region, including comparison, sharing and application of experience.

Systemic change
Investigating, understanding and piloting the changes required to the systems within which farmers operate, so as to reach the large number of people involved in farming.

Engaging the Private Sector
Building CSA as “the norm” across the private sector companies which make up 95% of the agriculture sector.

Developing Robust Results Management
To prove and improve the impact of Vuna’s interventions.