About Vuna

Vuna is a DFID-funded 3-year regional Climate Smart Agriculture programme, implemented by Adam Smith International in 5 countries in East and Southern Africa.

The name Vuna means “harvest” in many languages in East and Southern Africa.

About Vuna

Vuna understands that climate change is seriously impacting Africa’s most important sector: agriculture. It is making already difficult farming in East and Southern Africa even harder. Farmers have to adapt their practices to changing weather patterns while also dealing with a lack of access to agricultural inputs, information, finance and markets.

Over the last 25 years average annual temperatures have increased by 1 to 2 degrees C and a similar rise is expected over the next 30 years. Drought is already endemic, but may become more frequent and unpredictable. Rainfall intensity is also expected to increase which is likely to lead to more erosion and flooding.

With these challenges in mind, Vuna is working to drive transformative change in the agriculture sector, to build the climate resilience of smallholder farmers in East and Southern Africa.

Vuna is a 3-year regional Climate Smart Agriculture programme, funded by UK-Aid (DFID) and implemented by Adam Smith International. Vuna works in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Key Challenges for Agriculture


Of food production in sub-Saharan Africa depends on 9 crops under threat due to climate change.


Of the African population are involved in agriculture for their livelihoods.

1 in 5

people will live in sub-Saharan Africa by 2050.

by 2050

Food demand in sub-Saharan Africa is expected to triple.