Supporting livestock value chains.

Vuna is working in Malawi (dairy farming) and Zimbabwe (goats farming) to support smallholder farmers engaged in dairy production and goats subsistence farming

Promoting Gender Transformative Seed systems

Vuna is targeting gendered crops in Malawi and Zambia, working with women-owned seed companies and seed outgrowers to improve productivity, foreground women and their role in improving nutrition and empower women as seed outgrowers and business partners.

Climate Smarting FISPs

Vuna has introduced CSA inputs into the existing e-voucher scheme in Zambia, which incentivises the purchase and use of CSA technologies and products by smallholder farmers.

Assessing the contributions of Conservation Agriculture

Vuna conducted cross-country research in drought-prone areas in Zambia and Zimbabwe to understand to what extent Conservation Agriculture has strengthened the climate resilience of smallholder farmers.

Building enabling environments with governments

In our focus countries, Vuna works with governments to strengthen CSA frameworks, assist in understanding the requirements of accessing climate ļ¬nance and help update and improve existing CSA manuals.